New Silver Ring Designs and Shop News

Happy New Year from our stormy, wintery mountain!  As of right now I am looking out on a flurry fog and rain amongst our tall tall trees, and we are expecting snow!

Lately I’ve been able to work only on weekends.  My husband is a super talented music composer for television (funny we don’t own a TV!) and for his own personal projects, and he has been up to his ears in work these past few months.  It works out perfectly for me as I am just returning to metalsmithing after a break for health reasons, and it has been super important that I take it slowly.  Since we moved to a new home in the tiny town of Cedarpines Park in California’s San Bernardino Mountains this past October, we have been busy nesting, peeling wallpaper and painting, so I’ve definitely had my work cut out for me!

Handcrafted chrysanthemum flower and crescent moon sterling silver boho statement ring by metalsmith Nikki Leigh at Osa Metal Studio

Though I’ve been taking it slow in the studio, I have been super busy getting my shop up and running again.  Many of you know that before I took a break from metalsmithing, I had just started my own website shop in addition to my Etsy shop.  This shop is now back online and you can find it at  This site will be the Osa Metal Studio main site for all shop updates.  Everything will hit this store first, and then migrate to the Etsy shop a week or two following the update.

Bohemian antique button rings handmade from sterling silver by Nikki Leigh at Osa Metal Studio

While my time in the studio has been limited, I have been diving into design ideas that I started developing a year ago, prior to my break.  I am so excited to show you a couple of these pieces (above).  Both The Optimist Ring on the left and the Wild Bloom Ring on the right are handcrafted entirely from heavy, heirloom quality, sterling silver.  Their weight and size make them a true presence on your fingers!

The center medallion in each was made by hand in my studio by molding and casting in silver, the image of a real antique button.  Every button I use is handpicked from my personal collection for its beauty and relevancy to the modern, Bohemian aesthetic.  Most of the buttons I choose are from the Victorian Era, because that is the era that speaks to me with its cosmic and nature symbolism.

The floral button used to create The Optimist Ring features two intertwined chrysanthemum flowers in the center, a flower that is considered to be a symbol of joy and optimism.  This ring is meant to be a talisman of optimism for the New Year and for every subsequent year!

These rings are all going to be made to order, though they will all be limited editions.  I have a handful of designs currently in the works that I will add to this jewelry line in the very near future, but these two are available on the main site now!

Keep an eye on the main shop for January’s shop update.  I am running a little behind this month, as I get into the swing of things, but you can expect a shop update on the first of every month from here on out!  As always, I suggest following me on instagram at @osametalstudio in order to get real time updates on new pieces and shop news.

Thank you for your amazing support of my art.  I hope to see you back around these parts soon!

Antique Victorian Era Button Rings

Antique buttons which will be cast in sterling silver and made into rings by Osa Metal Studio.
Antique buttons from my personal collection.


Sterling Silver medallions cast in the image of antique Victorian Era buttons by Osa Metal Studio
Sterling Silver medallions cast in the image of antique Victorian Era buttons.

I am spending this time between Christmas and the New Year crafting a made-to-order line of rings.  These rings will be created by casting medallions in the image of real, Victorian Era buttons from my personal antique button collection.  The molds and castings are all created by hand in my jewelry studio in the forest.

Antique buttons have a special place in my heart.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have admired the intricate designs of these functional little treasures.  My mom is an antique dealer, and each time she’d bring buttons home, I’d sit and fall in love which each dreamy detail.

I find the dark Bohemian designs of the Victorian Era buttons especially beautiful.  The symbolism popular during this era – the moon, the cosmos, plants and animals – speak to me on a very personal level.  Look for rings that explore these symbols in the coming weeks.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!